Memorial Walls
Memorial Walls
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The Rotary Club of Moe acknowledges the outstanding contributions and efforts that were made by the following Rotarians.

In the Botanic Gardens, Narracan Drive, Moe, two Memorial Walls have been erected, one recognises those Rotarians who passed away "Whist still serving Rotary", the other recognises the Rotarians who gave significant "Service to the Community". 

In recognition of their services a plaque has been attached to the respective Memorial Wall detailing the length of service contributed by each Rotarian.

Memorial Wall 1.
Rotarians who passed away whilst still serving Rotary.


Doug Manley 1961-1969
Frank Paynter 1962-1978
Russ Savige 1949-1978
Val Allison 1949-1980
Joe Tabuteau 1973-1980
Jim Lawler 1960-1982
John Dwyer 1957-1992
Col Ashby 1980-1992
Lance Collins 1988-1997
John Leckey 1964-2007
Ian Needham 1995-2012
Laurie Huffer 1982-2015
Pash Demagistris 1992-2017
Bryon Puddy 1983-2021

Memorial Wall 2.
Rotarian's who have made a significant contribution to Rotary of 20 years or more continuous service. 


Col Allison 1951-1972
Rob Dunkley 1948-1978
Alan McHardy 1948-1978
Bruce McIvor 1958-1978
Joe Roszak 1962-1984
Brian O'Reilly 1962-1992
Harry Long 1964-1985
Chas Robertson 1971-1994
Allan Ormond 1962-1996